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Nancy's Life...




My many interests include reading, writing, drawing, and spending time with my

family, friends and my very spoiled feline, Tommy.

Isn't he adorable?





Here is my wonderful daughter, Danielle.



My darling husband, Art.





I also have to include my wonderful parents, Emily and Henry Carty, who taught

me love, honor and friendship. I totally appreciate and cherish the role they played

in my life and know they made me the person I am today. Though they are both

gone, their presence is still very much alive in every aspect of my life.


Thanks much, Mom and Dad... 


(Photo taken, May 1997)





Please feel free to drop me a note to say HI and introduce yourself.

I always enjoy hearing from new people. 

I’ll put the kettle on for tea and bring out the Chips Ahoy

and we can have a nice chat.





I dedicate this website to my wonderful mother, Emily Carty,

who was my inspiration, mentor, idol and best friend for many,

many years. I was truly blessed to have had her for almost 96

years, and though she's now gone, she's forever in my heart.


(Photo taken at the Museum of Life and Sciences, Durham, NC August 2008


May you rest in peace, dearest Mom.

                                                                 (April 9, 1913 -- March 17, 2009)