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 Hi, my name is Nancy Carty Lepri.


Grab a cup of tea or a Pepsi, find a comfy spot and I’ll tell you about myself.


        I was born August 16, 1950, in Boston, MA, weighing in at only 3 lbs. 12 ounces. My mom said I looked like a plucked chicken, but you should see me now!


        My home was in Norwood, about fifteen miles south of Boston, and I lived with my dad, Henry Carty, mom, Emily, older brother and maternal grandmother, Mary Bauman. We always had an assortment of furry critters too.


        Norwood High School was where I graduated in 1968, a day earlier than scheduled, due to the assassination of Bobby Kennedy. From there I attended Mt. Ida Jr. College—a small girl’s school in nearby Newton Centre and studied Fine Art. Unfortunately, I never completed my degree. When I started dating my husband, Art, my Mom joked I went to college for art and ended up marrying him!


(In case you didn’t guess, my Mom is quite funny as well as having been one of my closest friends.  Unfortunately, I lost my dear friend on St. Patrick's Day 2009.)


        Our wedding on September 4, 1971 had to be the hottest day of the year, but it was wonderful nevertheless.


        We were blessed on July 3, 1973, by the birth of our daughter, Danielle. 


        That November we moved to Florida where we lived for six years until 1979, when Art was transferred to Louisiana to be distribution manager for Sexton Foods. LaPlace, LA was our home for five years when homesickness beckoned us back to MA. 


We settled on Cape Cod near my parents and at age thirty-eight, I had a midlife crisis. Working as the fire prevention clerk for the Hyannis Fire Department, I felt something missing, so I returned to school part time. 


 I attended Cape Cod Community College, graduating in 1992 with an AA degree in Visual Art. I changed jobs and to become an editorial manager for a small publisher. I considered becoming a professional student, but economics wouldn’t allow it. 


  In 1995, I completed my BA degree from Western New England College. I finally knew what I wanted to do! I wanted to write and illustrate. Loving books since I left the womb, I also think I came into the world with a crayon in my hand.


     Freelance writing assignments came my way in 1992 where I got my first taste of tapping into my creativity, writing for local  Cape Cod newspapers. 


  November 1995 found us relocating yet again--this time to Wilmington, NC. Having lived in the same home for twenty-one years until I married, I think the moves since make up for having been in one place. That and the fact that my husband must have some gypsy blood in him!


 Then, in 2007 we moved again! This time we decided to head inland and are now living south of Raleigh in a delightful town filled with tobacco, soybean and wheat well as many filled with horses and other livestock.


  November 2009 was when my children's chapter book was, Tiny Angel released by Guardian Angel Publishing, Inc. Check out my publications page for more information.


   My second children's book, titled Tommy's Amigo, which was released as an eBook in December 2013 through Willow Moon Publishing, soon to be released in print.


   Meanwhile in my spare time (who has spare time?) I am enjoying the books I review, spending time with my wonderful husband.

Since November 2012 I have been doing CROSS FIT!!! What a high it is!  Never thought I'd enjoy exercising, but I love it. Not only that, but I recently dead lifted 160 lbs!!! This is a pic of some of us after a workout in July 2013.








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More News...

It's been a while since I've written,           so I have news to add...

I am still reading and reviewing for 

         New York Journal of Books.

Above are badges I earned from NetGalley as a reviewer.  

You can check out my reviews on the specific pages on this web site. Because of capacity constraints, I have limited my reviews to post only a year's worth. If you're interested in my older reviews, just go to the sites at:, or                          

At these sites you'll be able to access my other reviews as well as those of many talented reviewers. 

 I had the honor and joy to illustrate the children's book, Grandma Got Stuck in the Bathtub, written by Alice F. Horton. 

In addition to having Tommy's Amigo published, I also illustrate and edit novels.