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Posted by Nancy Carty Lepri on June 17, 2011 at 2:30 PM

If y'all think I've been quiet lately it's because we've been to New England. We first went to Massachusetts, staying with our dear cousins, Lorraine and Randy. The first night we went out to eat in Norfolk with Aunt Connie, cousin Marilyn, and our wonderful nephew, Scott.

We had lots to do, and places and people to see. One destination was to my parents' grave to adorn it with flowers and an angel plaque.

     We had lunch with our dear friends, Shirley and Walter Lutz.

Of coure we couldn't leave the Cape without going to the Christmas Tree Shop and driving by our old house...but, where is the house? It's hidden by all the trees! 

We also had a great time at our old high school (Norwood High). They have rebuilt the school and invited all the alumnae to visit the old building before tearing it down. It was wonderful seeing old classmates and catching up on 40+ years of news. It was also bittersweet to see new replacing the old.

    Art and I had our picture taken showing the facade of the old school...

We met up with some old classmates then also went to Lewis's Cafe and The Old Colonial Cafe after the school tour. What a blast!


Finally, we spent several days (cold and rainy, no less) at our cousins' home on Lake  Winnesquam in Laconia, New Hampshire.

We perused many quaint shops, ate at several restaurants (and ate too much) and even braved the weather by spending a few hours on Lorraine and Randy's boat checking out the beautiful lake. Managed to catch a photo of a loon!

Of course, Art was happy because there was a huge bike rally there in Laconia. He was able to add to his collection of Harley Davidson t-shirts. It was not so easy talking him out of another bike though!


It felt good being back "home" and made me want to move back, but then I remembered what the winters are like, so....

We also went by our old childhood homes and took photos (in the rain no less)! I can't believe I lived in one place for 21 years, but why did the present owners of my old home have to asphalt half the front lawn? The new owners of Art's old house put on a big addition. What changes!


Don't you know once we got home, the weather greatly improved in New England, of course! But it was wonderful to get away and see old friends and family.

Now that I'm back and have tackled all that laundry (ugh) and TONS of email, I'm ready to get back to my writing. Needless to say, I've missed you all, and hope you are doing well. I’ll try not to lurk so much in the future, but I can’t promise. <G>


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