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September 8, 2010 -- Where is fall?

Posted by Nancy Carty Lepri on September 8, 2010 at 6:39 PM

I'm back again after a few weeks...weeks that have been busy, I'm happy to say! Since my last post around the time of my birthday, I have been feverishly working on my sequel to "Tiny Angel." I have to admit too, that I've managed to sneak in a few games of saving grace, though it can get pretty frustrating as well as hectic.

This past Saturday Art and I celebrated our 39th anniversary! Imagine that! Our wonderful daughter, Danielle, come to visit in the morning and gave us a restaurant gift certificate and beautiful card. After a great visit and many hugs, she headed home to her "beloved" housework...I hope you know I'm kidding. Who loves housework?

Art and I went out to dinner, hoping to try an Italian restaurant our neighbors raved about, but first we went to a couple of furniture stores. Since we moved here and downsized from our old house with my magnificent, huge office, I've been having a hard time with my tiny desk. I've been feeling so constrained, so, Art suggested we look for some nice office furniture that would give me more room to spread out, as well as offer more storage space. Saw a few things I liked and put them on my "maybe" list.

We arrived at the restaurant about the time they were due to open, only to find out they were closed in observence of the Labor Day weekend! Ugh. Then we headed up the main road and ended up at the Outback. What a mistake. I ordered a filet and shrimp with garlic mashed potatoes. I got a filet that was mostly fat, and three tiny shrimp, and they had run out of the garlic mashed potatoes. Oh well... But, they did give us a dessert in honor of our anniversary and who can pass up dessert? The main thing was that we were together and enjoyed each other's company.

On Monday I found the office furniture I love and ordered it. It has seven pieces! 7, can you believe that? It is like a wall unit with three base cabinets; one with open shelves, one that has doors and a pull-out keyboard drawer; and the other has two lateral file drawers, which will be great for all the files I have. The top units consist of two open shelves and one with shelves behind doors. There is also a free-standing writing desk that can go against the open shef unit or be placed by itself. And it's all in a beautiful cherry wood. I can't wait to get it. Think of all the room I'll have for all my materials! But, like most furniture places, they can't guarantee deliverey, so I could get it anywhere from tomorrow till next Thurs. meaning I'll have to be home, which isn't that hard a deal.

Meanwhile, I've been working hard and am delighted to say, I finished my sequel to "Tiny Angel" which I've tentatively titled "Tommy's Angel" though that's subject to change if I can come up with a better title. I'm open to suggestions!

Now, I have the fun of reading over it, handling rewrites and edits, and polishing it up for submission. But the worst is done, thank God. With some luck and a lot of prayers it will be published soon, but of course, I will alert everyone when that happens!

Thanks for dropping in and hope to "talk" soon. :D

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Reply Nancy Carty Lepri
6:19 PM on September 12, 2010 
You're so right, Connie...that picture is right and I'm so ready for fall. I can say Happy Anniversary back to you too, can't I? LOL Too bad would couldn't have met halfway to celebrate together. Haven't gotten the new furniture yet, but hopefully, some time this week. Hope you're having a great weekend!
Reply Connie Arnold
4:23 PM on September 12, 2010 
I'm ready for fall. That's a beautiful picture! Happy anniversary! We celebrated our 39th this year also. That's quite a piece of furniture! Hope you got it all right. Congratulations on finishing your new book. Look forward to hearing when it is accepted!

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